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In over twenty years of cleaning homes, offices, and churches, I have had the opportunity to gain hands-on experience with many styles and brands of vacuum cleaners. Sadly, nearly all of them had been a disappointment. Some are too heavy, too clumsy, too limited in function, or all-around lousy. Although Dyson has a wonderful reputation for being a good vacuum cleaner, I had been disappointed in them as well except for one model. This is the best Dyson vacuum I have ever used.

Why I loved it so much:

Homes with pet hair are particularly challenging because the hair doesn’t just stay on the floor. It floats around and settles on the walls and furniture and hides in hard-to-reach places. One home I used to clean was inhabited by two shedding dogs and one shedding cat. There was animal hair everywhere! I tried using a variety of other vacuum cleaners in that house before I found this one and I was amazed at the difference! It really took care of the hair problem.

It’s light-weight and easy to use. That was especially nice for me because I have a weak shoulder and sciatica and I was able to use this vacuum without stressing my body.

The compact design made it easy to store in a closet and to maneuver in tight spaces, like between the coffee table and sofa.

A variety of attachments allowed the vacuum cleaner to remove the hair off of diverse surfaces:

  • One gently removed hair from the fabric furniture covers and drapes
  • Another could reach between sofa cushions or under furniture
  • An attachment allowed me to use the vacuum cleaner on hardwood floors
  • An attachment for carpets

It has a long hose which was wonderful for reaching over, under and behind furniture.

The attachments swivel easily which makes it simple to switch from vacuuming the floor to the baseboards and wall.

It does not use bags so you don’t have to continually purchase them to keep your vacuum cleaner in working order.

It’s easy to empty. Just hold it over the trash can or in a bag and push a button to release the dirt.

What I didn’t like:

One drawback to the compact design is that it doesn’t hold much hair and has to be emptied regularly. As I said, this house had a lot of pet hair so I had to empty it two/three times by the time I was finished with the house.

The hair clung between the canister and the part that went down the middle of the inside of the canister so I had to use something to knock it out.

Another model:

From the description, it looks as if the two issues I had have been resolved. You can see the newer, better model here:

Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Vacuum Cleaner


Here’s what Amazon has to say:

  • When it topples over, it picks itself up
  • The cinetic tips separate the dust that clogs other vacuums so it doesn’t lose suction
  • No filter to wash or replace. No bags to buy.
  • HYGIENIC dirt ejector – Drives Out trapped dust and debris as you empty.
  • Picks up fine dust.
  • Removes ground-in dirt.
  • The handle and wand rotate allowing 360-degree articulation.
  • Has a total reach of 35 feet.

Just for Comparison:

This vacuum cleaner is also designed for cleaning up after pets. As you can see, it does not look as light-weight and easy to maneuver as the Dyson:

So there you have it, my take on the best Dyson vacuum that I have used. I would love to hear about your experience with Dyson vacuum cleaners or any vacuum that you have used successfully in a house with animals. Please comment below.

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18 thoughts on “Best Dyson Vacuum”

  1. I have never had a Dyson vacuum before, but I am renting a house that was owned by a couple who had furry pets. I also live with my three girls who each have very thick and long hair. The vacuum I currently use is full of hair in just one round of the living room itself. It is quite tiring to empty so, I think your review is helping me with my decision to look at purchasing a Dyson. I like the Hygienic dirt ejector feature, its one thing that will make my emptying a little easier (I currently have to use an old dish brush to scrape out stuck debris in my current vacuum. Thank you for this great information.

    • My girls had long hair, too, and their hair used to wrap around the rollers. Sometimes I couldn’t even cut it away with scissors; I had to use a sharp razor blade. I think this vacuum cleaner would have solved that problem because I could have used an attachment without the rollers. Thank you for stopping by.

  2. Thank you for sharing this vacuum cleaners. It looks awesome to me!

    I clean my rooms every week and also get one vacuum cleaner. But it seems my vacuum cleaner is not strong enough, some dirt cannot be drew inside well. And the cable length is a bit short, only about 20 feet… some places cannot be well reached.

    The vacuum cleaner you mentioned looks quite strong and compact. I will consider taking one if necessary.

    • Hi, Shaun:
      Yes, I have experienced the frustration of not being able to reach some areas or knowing that there’s still some dirt left behind. I am experiencing that now in another building I clean. When you are ready to replace your vacuum, this one is definitely worth looking at.

  3. Hello, what a lovely review. I agree with all the points you have mentioned. Dyson vacuums are pricey but worth spending money. I am saying this as a regular user of this vacuum, I have one at home and it makes my job really easy as my two kids always make mess. I highly recommend this vacuum cleaner.

    • Hi, Sarah. Thank you for stopping by. I didn’t even think to mention kids, but oh my! All those Cheerios everywhere! I’m glad to know that someone else has had a good experience with this vacuum. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Great article,

    I hate doing the vacuuming, especially as the one I have is rubbish.

    This vacuum seems to really easy to use, lightweight and can get into awkward spots. I think I might invest in this and hopefully will make my cleaning chores a lot easier and faster.

    Thanks for sharing.


  5. I have never used a Dyson, but I always go for any vacuum that doesn’t use bags. For me, it is economical. As long as it does a good cleaning job and is easy to empty, I’ll go for it. My niece is moving into a new home soon, so I’m sure she will be looking for a vacuum. No doubt, I’ll share this post with her.

  6. Vacuum cleaners are almost always annoying in my opinion. They’re usually heavy which makes them difficult to carry up and down stairs, and the attachments can be troublesome if you continuously need to switch them out as you try to vacuum different areas.

    That’s why the fact the attachments swivel on the Dyson is super appealing to me. I want a vacuum cleaner that is simple yet versatile and it sounds like this could be the one. Thanks for mentioning the negatives as well. But after some careful thought, I really think those negatives are outweighed by the positives.

    • I agree that vacuums tend to be annoying and heavy. There were no stairs in the house where I used this vacuum, but it is certainly lightweight. The long hose might make it a little clumsy on stairs, so be careful!

  7. Dyson has always been my dream for as silly as it may sound. I  have had so many vacuum cleaner in the past but nothing beats a Dyson. Since I have bought it has become my best friend in the house especially considering that I have three cats that are driving me crazy with all the hairs the leave everywhere

    • I seem to have a love/hate relationship with Dyson. Because I clean for several area homes and businesses, I have had the opportunity to “sample” many different models. So far, I have not liked any of the upright models but I think the little canister is my favorite of all vacuums that I have worked with. I’m glad you have found one that you love!

  8. Thanks for sharing this article, before now I’ve always used the manual means of cleaning my home . I hardly use the previous  vacuum cleaner in my house because it was frustrating me by going off on it’s own when in use, I’ve seen great reviews about this Dyson vacuum cleaner and I think it’s time to get me one for a change.

    • Yes, I have used a vacuum that seemed to go off on its own! It was like trying to walk an energetic dog. This one is much more gentle and effective, too.

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