Best Way to Clean Windows Without Streaks


Today I am going to discuss the best way to clean windows without streaks. You will be surprised at how fast and easy cleaning windows can be!

This is the most amazing system for cleaning windows that I have ever seen! When I first learned about E-cloth, I didn’t believe the before and after photos were legitimate. They really looked too good to be true. However, the spray cleaner that I had been using was making me sick, so I knew I had to find something. Many people recommend using a squeegee to clean windows, but that has never worked well for me, partly because I have a weak shoulder and find it difficult to put enough force on the handle to do a good job. Another problem with the squeegee is that they don’t work well if you have odd-shaped windows.

How to Clean with Microfiber Window Cloths

The most efficient way I have found to wash windows is by using water and a good quality microfiber window cloth. My favorite window cleaning cloths are made by E-cloth and the process is very simple. There are two cloths for cleaning glass. One has a waffle-like texture for cleaning and the other is thin and shiny for polishing. If you are just cleaning a few spots off of a glass surface, you can spray a gentle mist on the glass and wipe it dry with the polishing cloth. If you have several windows to clean or if the windows are quite dirty, you will do better to get a bucket of water and use the waffle-like cloth for washing and then the polishing cloth to dry.

Voila! Beautifully clean windows with almost no effort! You may have to go over them again if there was a build-up of window cleaner, if you have large windows, or if they were excessively dirty. E-cloth carries a few other window-cleaning items that you can look at here:


Check out these before and after photos of what you can accomplish in just a few minutes with these E-cloth and water!

Caring for Your Window Cloths

Now that your windows are clean, you simply need to rinse your window cloths in hot water and hang them to dry. If they are still dirty, you can launder them with a little detergent according to package instructions. Don’t use bleach or fabric softener as either of these will harm your E-cloths and they will not work well. E-cloths can also be boiled for ten minutes to revive them if they get scummy. I find that if there is very hot water available for rinsing after each use, the E-cloths stay very nice for a long, long time.

Cleaning with Microfiber is Easy and Fun!

Although cleaning windows and mirrors has quickly become my favorite chore, there are many other E-cloths and tools for additional cleaning tasks. The general purpose cloth is useful for just about anything and I have written about that here.

Here’s a list of my favorite cleaning tools:

My Favorite Home Care Essentials





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7 thoughts on “Best Way to Clean Windows Without Streaks”

  1. Oh wow! this is a great tip, My windows are very difficult to clean sometimes especially during the rainy season. I will follow your advice and try your tips.
    Thank you so much for this post.

  2. I like this tip. My dad’s always looking for ways to clean not only the house windows but his vehicle windows, too. I’m definitely showing him this because he’s like OBSESSED with keeping both his company vehicle and Chevy Colorado clean. He’s also crazy obsessed with keeping his place looking spotless as well, which I’d probably be too if I were also a homeowner….no, I know I would be beyond obsessed with keeping my place clean.

  3. Thanks Theresa for this great information! You must have read my mind! My windshield on my car is so dirty from salty roads from our last snow. I hate cleaning my windows because they are always streaked up. I’ve use some cheaper microfiber cloths before and it didn’t make it any better.
    I will be sure to try the E-Cloth you have discussed here in this post. I’m sure it will do wonders for my windows. I also love the fact that I don’t have to use any sort of cleaning product.
    Much appreciated,

    • Car windows are the worst! It’s hard to get into the tight spaces, but this should work well for you. I let my car get super dirty before I clean it, so I have to take a bucket of water along with my ecloth and wash, rinse, repeat! Thanks, Theresa

      • I must agree! My window is very wide and deep. It’s nearly impossible to clean the entire surface. I wait until I have trouble seeing out of it before I try cleaning the inside window. I look forward to trying E-cloth on it the next time.
        Thanks for sharing!

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