How to Clean a Kitchen Without Chemicals – No Vinegar Required!

If you have done any research at all about cleaning your kitchen without chemicals, you have probably come upon dozens of people telling you to use white distilled vinegar. If you are like me and really do not like the way vinegar smells or have been disappointed in the results, you are still searching. Good news! I am here to tell you how to clean a kitchen without chemicals and without vinegar!

Use Microfiber

My introduction to microfiber came in the form of a gift. It was a simple washcloth tied with a pretty ribbon. Not having any knowledge about microfiber, it ended up stuffed in the back of a kitchen drawer. Sometime later, another friend started selling microfiber products. She had put together a nice portfolio of instructions as well as before and after photos of some cleaning projects and passed it on to me with an array of her personal cleaning cloths to try. I was impressed! Cleaning windows with microfiber and water made me realize that windows are not meant to be shiny (or streaked); they are meant to be transparent! The difference was remarkable! Unfortunately, at that time, I didn’t have room in my budget for expensive cleaning cloths.

Too Good to Be True?

The literature my friend had given me claimed that microfiber cleaned so well that it removed 99% of surface bacteria with only water. I couldn’t believe it. I wouldn’t believe it. It simply had to be too good to be true. That’s when I started searching the Internet for more information. There are literally dozens of videos showing people cleaning with microfiber, testing surfaces for bacteria, and telling the world why they love microfiber. I was amazed!

With Microfiber, You Get What You Pay For

After I returned the borrowed microfiber cloths to my friend, I went on an all-out search for a less expensive alternative. They were everywhere! Even the dollar stores had them. It didn’t take long to have a huge stash of my very own microfiber cloths. I was so excited to have my new cloths that I couldn’t wait to clean something! Imagine my disappointment when none of them worked. Some of them even seemed to repel water, which is the opposite of what they were supposed to do. Now I needed to learn how to find quality microfiber.

It’s all in the fiber. Just by looking at a microfiber cloth from a dollar store next to a quality microfiber cloth, you can see a difference. In a good microfiber cloth, each strand is thinner than a human hair and is split into multiple fiber strands, millions per square inch, which results in far more cleaning edges than ordinary cleaning cloths. They feel softer in your hands, too. That means that a quality microfiber cloth is easy to use and cleans more thoroughly and faster than other alternatives.

Other Reasons to Use Microfiber

Not only will you save time and clean better with microfiber, but there are several other benefits that are worth mentioning:

  • Microfiber Cloths are Environmentally Friendly: They do not emit toxic chemicals into the air and they are reusable, saving on disposable cleaning products.
  • Safer for humans. As a cleaning professional, I have been exposed to many toxic chemicals over several years causing extreme sensitivity to just about anything scented. It took years to figure out that cleaning chemicals were causing my chronic sinus infections and may have been contributing to brain fog.
  • Easy care. Microfiber cloths can be used over and over just by rinsing them thoroughly in hot water. They can be washed with mild detergent (no bleach or fabric softener) and most can be put in a drier. I hang some of my floor cloths to avoid shrinking or misshaping them.
  • Save money on cleaning supplies. Yes! Even though you may pay more upfront for your microfiber cloths, over time you will save money. You won’t need window cleaners, bathroom cleaners, kitchen cleaners, or any of the other job-specific cleaners that you tend to purchase over and over again. No longer will you purchase the newest and best-cleaning sprays only to be disappointed that they do not perform as promised. You won’t even need paper towels anymore!
  • More storage space. I was amazed at how many bottles of cleaners I had stock-piled in cabinets, closets, and in the laundry room. Most of them were donated to a local animal shelter and I had more room for other things.
  • No odor. A clean surface should be odor-free because nasty odors are caused by bacteria. Scented products often just cover up unpleasant odors; they don’t always remove the bacteria that causes them.


Microfiber has changed my life for the better! I enjoy cleaning more than ever and I continue to be amazed at how thoroughly and easily I can clean not only my own home but in the places that hire my cleaning business. I feel good knowing that surfaces are clean and non-toxic. Babies and pets can play freely without ingesting toxic chemicals and I don’t need to be concerned about triggering an asthma attack in some unsuspecting visitor.





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16 thoughts on “How to Clean a Kitchen Without Chemicals – No Vinegar Required!”

  1. Great article and very useful as i am always on the look out for natural products. As I my self have been exposed to harmful chemicals for a couple of years. As a result of living in a enclosed basement apartment that had little ventilation. I like the fact they are odorless and does not carry any harmful germs. Do you know where to get theses clothes online?

  2. Thank you for the information. I also don’t like the smell of vinegar. I’ve heard about the cloths but that’s about it. Didn’t realize all the other benefits of them and that quality DOES matter.
    We also have cats so I don’t want to use any harsh chemicals that they can get on their paws.
    I will be looking forward to your list of favorites. 🙂

  3. Thank you for this article! It is very informative for the increasing numbers of people who wish to stay away from all the chemicals that are in traditional cleaning products. The microfiber cloths are a great idea!

  4. I really like this article as I struggle with OCD and surprisingly therefore hate handling strong chemicals. I will definitely bear this in mind as a happy alternative in future.

  5. I never made the connection between OCD and chemicals, but that’s a concept worth researching. I don’t have OCD but I do have some tendencies in that direction, especially when I’m stressed. Perhaps that’s part of my problem. Thank you for the insight.

  6. I never knew microfiber could be so useful. I’ve only thought about using microfiber cloths for windows and drying my car. I will have to try using them in my kitchen now. I love that they don’t leave any lint or fuzz on the surface after you clean with them.


    • E-cloth has several cloths that work well for kitchens such as stainless steel cloth, dish towel, kitchen cloth, and more. I use the general purpose cloth every day. Thanks for the comment!

      • I never knew there were so many different types of microfiber cloths! The stainless steel cloth may be helpful in my kitchen. I’ll certainly be looking into more about these E-cloths. I’m not getting my microfiber cloths from Walmart anymore!
        Thanks so much for sharing this great product. I look forward to reading more from your site.
        Best wishes,

        • I never bought any from Walmart. I’m glad you mentioned that. Maybe I should just for comparison purposes. I have even bought poor quality cloths through two different janitorial supply stores. Thanks for getting me thinking!

  7. Thank you for the information, i will be passing it on too my wife. I have difficulty breathing and can struggle more when my wife is cleaning, the chemicals just stay in my throat for ages, its the same when she lights candles.

    • I totally get that! Cleaning chemicals are the worst! I was shocked when I realized that they are not needed at all for most cleaning projects. There are even non-toxic choices for heavier cleaning chores. I’ll update my site with that information when I can. Air fresheners, candles, and laundry additives can be very harsh on our systems. I hope your wife is open to trying something new. Thanks for stopping by!

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